Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening


Here you will find a few pages all about my adventures in gardening and growing Giant Pumpkins.

Oklahoma Giant Pumpkins, is where I detail all my adventures with growing these monsters.

Oklahoma Hydroponics Garden, is is where I detail my adventures growing with water.

Oklahoma GreenHouse, is where I detail my adventures about building my 10 X 12 Greenhouse.

My Cub Cadet I have recently purchased a pair of Cub Cadet Garden Tractors. Here is where I chronicle  my efforts to restore these old machines.

Gardening is the practice of growing plants. Ornamental plants are normally grown for their flowers, foliage, overall appearance, or for their dyes. Useful plants are grown for consumption (vegetables, fruits, herbs, and leaf vegetables) or for medicinal use. A gardener is someone who practices gardening.
Pat’s Adventures in Gardening